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Windcross/ Five

"Windcross" (later named as "FIVe")- dancing with a wind- is the open door production deviced by Do-Theatre together with Daniel Weissroth. It was created at first in 1998 in the Schloss Broellin art location and recidency. Later it has been developed in a different stages, and performed on various festivals.

Project credits


Darmstadt 1998, Ludwigshafen 1999, Heideberg 1999, Potsdam, Fabrik 1999, Berlin/Trepow park (on the whater) 2000, Limburg festival/ airfield hangar 2000, Moscow, Theatre Olympic Games (Park Hermitage and the Red Square) 2001


Installation: Daniel Weissroth. Concept/ directing: Daniel Weissroth, Evgeny Kozlov. Dance/ Performance: Alexander Bondarev, Evgeny Kozlov , Ksenia Vidyaikina, Irina Kozlova, Alenka Mullin- Koga, Tina Weber. Technicians: Zolle, Torsten.

  • Dates : 1998-2001
  • Locations : Darmstadt, Heideberg, Potsdam, Berlin, Limburg, Moscow
  • Category : Site-specific
  • Online :
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