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Production of Do-Theatre with friendly support of city Aachen. It was developed in summer of 2005 and took place in the three different location of city Aachen (Aachen HauptBahnhof/ train station, Sinn & Leffers, Casino Aachen)

Three different location in the city, and three personages in search of their identity. The Tramp, the Model and the Gambler. What could bring those different images together- word fail me!

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The project designed in the frame of Do-Theatre's serie 'Stadt als Buehne', supported by KulturAmt city of Aachen, Aachen Hauptbahnhof, Sinn & Leffers designer outlet and Casino Aachen. 2005..


Directing/ choreography: Evgeny Kozlov. Dance: Julia Tokareva, Alexander Bondarev, Evgeny Kozlov. Technical director/ Performer: Tanya Williams.

  • Date : 15,17,20.06.2005
  • Locations : Aachen Hauptbahnhof, Sinn & Leffers, Casino Aachen
  • Category : Site-specific
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