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Sweet & Bitter

Sweet & Bitter- is a dance-theatre project designed by Do-Theatre Company for 7 dancers, 4 cars, 2 bathtub filled with the dark and white chocolate, live music, and flamenco performance. In the night of the sun-turn, the top of the city's biggest car parking was transformed into temporary theatre stage, marked with simple chock lines and filled wide spectrum of actions- from the soft and tender pas-de-deux in the basin of running chocolates to the harsh, tango-like duets of the dancers with the cars. The live music and flamenco performance by Phil Von with cello player Julian Refghi. There’s no story neither narrative to be followed. S & B is rather a flashes of captured moments- everyone could identify with, such things like the pictures, fragments from the reality what surrounds us daily to the most extreme fantasies. The dualism suggested by the title of the performance is carried on with the different sorts of images, always in couple and necessarily contradictive. There is a black and white marriage couple- symbolizes the union of two opposite substance.

The Men and the Car. There’s no need to point up the difference between them. At the same time in our days it’s quite difficult to separate one from another. They became close as twins, living side by side along. It’s strange but this life includes all necessary levels of the human relation. There’s love and hate, using and abusing, passion and frustration. They could live happily ever after or kill each other one day.

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The project designed in the frame of Do-Theatre's serie 'Stadt als Buehne', supported by KulturAmt city of Aachen, Autohaus WV, city carpark, 2008.


Artistic director/ choreography: Evgeny Kozlov. Dancers: Julia Tokareva, Alexander Bondarev, Evgeny Kozlov, Maxim Kuznetsov, Irina Kozlova, Julia Plotnikova, Didier Manuel. Music: Phil Von, Julian Refghi. Technician and performer: Tanya Williams .

  • Date : 26.07.2008
  • Location : Aachen, city carpark
  • Category : site-specific
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