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Nature Moves

The Int. Bühnenwerkstatt has set itself the goal of continuing the statement "Nature Moves", which was dared for the first time in 2011, as a tradition in the coming years, in order to make these days in Ausseerland, a fixed meeting point for contemporary dance with international artists and the population, known beyond our national borders to make - as an examination of contemporary dance with nature, its circumstances, its inspiration - a new way of experiencing and living dance.

"Nature Moves" take place alongside the "Community Dance" project. It gives the artists the opportunity to work in a safe environment in a cultural-political context. Breaking traditions and opening borders are the focus.

Project credits


Verein Tanztheater und Bühnenwerkstatt Graz.


Artistic concept: Ursula Gigler Gausterer Choreography: Evgeny Kozlov. Dance: Daria Shapran, Evgeny Kozlov, Alexander Bondarev, Julia Tokareva, Valentin Thzin, Xianghui Zeng, Igor Sviderski, Kerstin Hurbain, Weng Teng Choi, Elias Melisha, and more.

Future project

Let us become aware of the energy and power places in our home. Not only because of the cultural landscape, but above all because of the cultural content of the region. In this sense, this project can also be seen as a pilot project for the cultural capital year “Bad Ischl - Salzkammergut” 2024.

  • Dates : 09.2011, 08.2013, 08.2014, 08.2016, 07.2019, 07.2020, 02.2022
  • Location : Ausseerland/Salzkammergut/ Austria
  • Category : site-specific
  • Online :
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