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Termin@l/ State of mind

On May 18,2021 the Arts Square Gallery host a screening of the immersive choreodrama TERMIN@L/ State of mind, staged by Evgeny Kozlov, head of the Berlin's DO Theatre. Hidden and overt eroticism, conflict and the search for the balance. Life is like an endless journey not only between cities and countries, but also “between” ourselves, one’s inner world and society. Going on such trips, every time we collect Luggage, going through various control zones. Let's call these places - TERMIN@L (associative consciousness)”, - the director and choreographer Evgeny Kozlov determined the theme of the performance. Live musical performance from the famous pianist Polina Fradkina is combined with electronic sound. Minor spoiler: numbers, feathers, gas mask.

For the first time in St. Petersburg, Anatoly Brusilovsky, one of the leaders of unofficial art, the founder of Russian body art and popularizer of the collage genre in Soviet art, presents his works.

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Art square gallery

Arts Square Gallery is an art gallery, multifunctional platform and creative space for exhibitions, auctions, master classes, lectures, concerts and performances. The gallery works in various formats: contemporary art, private collection and museum of Anna Pavlova. Arts Square Gallery hosts global projects from Rubens to Dali, and unites a wide variety of art - from folk crafts to antiques, from home furnishings to fine art of jewelry, from contemporary artists to the masterpieces of old masters. A two-storey space (about 1,000 meters of total area) with several exhibition halls is located in the historical center of Saint-Petersburg on the famous Arts Square - next to the Russian Museum, the Mikhailovsky Theater and the Academic Philharmonic.


Director/ choreographer: Evgeny Kozlov (Do-Theatre/ Berlin). Dance: Olga Vinogradova, Adelina Alchinova, Tatiana Ershova, Lilia Burdinskaya, Daria Shapran, Lia Kalindovskaya, Daria barabanova, Anna Nerus, Viktoria Maksakova, Elena Churilova, Nikita Koch. Music: Polina Fradkina, remix. Video design: Oleg Mikhailov, Evgeny Kozlov.

the director

Evgeny Kozlov - director, choreographer, dancer. In 1988 he founded "Do-Theatre" - company that develops in a special direction of synthesis of various theatrical, dance and visual forms. Currently lives in Berlin, working as well as an artistic director of 'Die Etage' Performing Atrs School.

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