UpSide Down                            Edinburgh Festival- Fringe First Award 2001  frlogo


Playing on the edge of slapstick and dance, physical actions and body mime in

role-reversing revelry, this bizarre odyssey through the human flesh and

soul explores a neo-Frankenstein story with a sense of

anatomic melancholy 






Suggested by Rembrandt’s painting

‘The anatomy of Dr. Tulip’, this peculiar,

paradoxical version of Mary Shelley’s 'Frankenstein’

hurtles into parallel topsy-turvy worlds of extreme

paradox,taboos, demonic doctors, clowns and clones.

In Faustian laboratory, three stupid ghosts enact black

anatomical experiment at times hilarious, at others

deadly threatening- that progressively develops

into a strange carnival of shadowy and chaotic

transformations. Zany, absurd and humorous,

this darkly poetic mix of dance- theatre,

anatomical movement and existential

dramacombines pantomime- art,

clowning, andacrobatics with

bizarre and terrifying

beautiful imagery.



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Press extracts

Upside Down’ is a bizarre, darkly humorous parable in which man plays God- and pays the price

…a mesmerising and unsettling piece of dance theatre’


‘Whether it’s clowning or contemporary dance, this trio shared a remarkable degree of technical finesse…

it’s mad mischievous and ultimately very, very dark.’

Mary Brennan THE HERALD

‘The ensuing carnivalesque ballet features such beautiful choreography that each scene begs a freeze frame. In this combination of clowning, farce, dance, slapstick and mime, comprehensible language is kept to a minimum, replaced by abstract sounds and snatches of music.’