Director   Evgeny Kozlov
Dance   Alexander Bondarev   Irina Kozlova
Evgeny Kozlov
   Julia Tokareva   Shinichi Momo-Koga
Technical director  
Tanya Williams
Music   Matthias Hermann


 It was believed that by examining the shape and unevenness of a head or skull, one could discover the development of the particular cerebral ‘organs’ responsible for different intellectual aptitudes and character traits
-From the History of Phrenology-

The bizarre story happened to one Russian composer Sidorov. First he saw an odd dream in which he had lost his head and after much straggling it has been replaced with the head of another- not less famous one. He’s got the head of Joseph Haydn, what inspired him to compose the slapstick- symphony A. The head of the great Austrian composer Joseph Haydn as we know was separated from his body after his death to be examinant to localize his music genius. But because the head had been disappeared from the table of phrenology scientists- we still wondering was he genius at all. The story of headless people running around the history of music and literature influents us to create the piece of Nonsense stories containing the real facts and lunatic fantasies of course. We can’t tell what’s more in this creation- our obsession to the odd world of Phrenology, great illusions epoch of Education and Rationalism. People at that time believed that its possible to grasp mystery of death and life, puzzle of arts, nature of genius with the help of scalpel and microscope, and the beauty is a blob of amino acids, some microbe which takes root in convolutions. Nonsense-is a bizarre world of Daniel Charms intertwined with a mystery of Mikhail Bulgacov and allegory from Ernst- Theodore Hoffmann. This is a        world where magic paradoxically matching with reality of 30th last century and fantasias epoch of Baroque.

Press extracts

"A highlight of the festival at the Theatre in Palais…Breathtaking sensual dance-theatre with grotesque, body expressivity, light and smoke pictures, deep black humour and moving music…brilliant headless comedy. Here dance proves itself as an urgently intermediary medium for heavily tangible realities. Absolutely tip!"
Graz, KLEINE ZEITUNG 15 July2004

"Desire full confusingly, very black humour and speed Sankt-Petersburg’s Do-Theatre its successful combination of innovative theatre and impressing body control presents a grandiose mixture that carried the public away to approval storm."
AACHENER ZEITUNG, 26 January 2004

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