Hopeless Games

Director: Evgeny Kozlov. Dance: Alexander Bondarev, Irina Kozlova, Julia Tokareva, Evgeny Kozlov, Alexei Merkushev.
Video: Fionnula DŽArcy. Music: Roman Dubinnikov. Technical director: Tanya Williams










About the piece:
A bizarre, comic and magical story. We are in an old derelict train station.Forgotten belongings lie about on the deserted platforms. The last train left a long time ago. But once a year this seemingly dead place comes back to life, animated by the phantoms and specters of past vagrants and tramps who are here to play a game. The game is very exciting and attractive but it is one which has deadly consequences for them all.

This hour long piece is both a requiem and a celebration, it takes us on a surreal and playful journey in the heart of darkness. It wakens the past, breathes life into all those old black and white photos and forces us to remember not ghosts but the flesh and blood.








Press Extracts:

"Hopeless Games" is alternative theatre at its

best-challenging our assumptions and forcing us to look at the world in new and surprising ways."
Philp Brandes, Santa Barbara News Press, May 17, 2001

"Such purity is hard to find and even harder to forget, It turns millions into individuals…
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, August 15, 2000

"It is more of a mood than a story, touching on partings, meetings, the great darkness at the heart of the 20th century Europe and triumph over it of the human spirit."
The Scotsman, August 13, 1999

"…shocking, at time tender; comic and strangely beautiful-‘Hopeless Games’ proves be a rollercoaster ride for the senses- A must see!"
Movement Magazin, August 1999


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