"Factory delussions"

This is a side specific project designed for the celebration of City day in St. Petersburg/ 29 and 30thMay 2010

It took place right in the hart of this beautiful historical town- on the Palace Square, surrounded by the Hermitage and the General Headquarters.

The project is an extended version on "Anatomy of Fantasy/ Sacred Season" production. Supported by the City of St. Petersburg and friendliest help of

studio " byu-byu ballet", it united artists from 6 different countries.

Many thanks to the people who worked with Do-Theatre for this project:

Lisa Mona May, Africa Manso Asensio, Def (Nicho), Anna Ozerskaya, Lilia Burdinskaya, Ivan Belozercev, Olga Anikeeva, Iliya Romanov, Darina Mishina, Polina Fradkina,







see images as the slide show