DoTheatre company members



 Evgeny Kozlov is a theatre director, choreographer and actor. He studied visual art, classical ballet and theatre direction in St.Petersburg. Later, he continued his education in various contemporary dance and performing styles. In 1988 he founded DoTheatre, developing a very individual performing direction based on the synthesis of different forms. Since 1990 he has been directing and dancing in DoTheatre repertoire as well as co-producing and choreographing with: Buhnenwerkstadt (Austria), Materia Prima (France), Tatoeba (Germany), Lit Moon (USA), Fabrik e. V. Potsdam (Germany). Recent DoTheatre work: Hopeless Games (1999), Upside Down (2001), Bird’s eye view (2003), Nonsense (2004), Sleep…less…ness (2005), Hangman (2006), Anatomy of Fantasy/ Sacred Season (2009), Sin Agua (2011), Goffmaniana/Dust of Dreams (2013), InOutSide (2015) 2darktales (Die Etage/Berlin 2016), Vogelperspektive (Die Etage/Berlin 2017), Earth/Erde (Die Etage/Berlin 2018).From 2016 to 2018 worked as an artistic director in Die Etage, Performing Arts School/ Berlin.  He also choreographed ‘Three penny opera’ (2002- StadtTheater Heilbronn), Kiss me Kate (2003- StadtTheater Aachen).

  Since 2017 DoTheatre moved to Berlin. The new members of the company are:

Kerstin Hurbain

Lina Maria Rohde

Mareike Jung

Daria Shapran