Anatomy of Fantasy/ Sacred Season


About the piece

Anatomy of Fantasy is perfect, pure fiction that may leave you wondering if the story wasn’t at least half true. As it unfolds, dance touches emotions and thoughts but it doesn’t explain anything. Instead it visualizes our subconscious as a physical body, an embryo, anatomically located inside us. Blood pumps through arteries, along with oxygen and water, carrying the molecules of virtual life, which join together organically in what we call Fantasy.
The Long Tale of Sacred Seasons is a yearly cycle of natural development that reflects the mystery of human relationships. And there’s a little hint of fairytale archetypes interfused with symbolic images in the Abundance of Still Life and interior Womb Life. Although it may seem that there’s no obvious thread connecting our purely materialistic body with such ephemeral substances as delusions, dreams and fantasies – the red thread of knitting or laser beam activates a new channel of communication. Picturing the ideas of Sowing and Conception, Harvest and Childbirth, the wind light sensation touches our skin. Infinite sacred matter is shared between Birth and Death; spiritual parallels surface in Jealousy and Jalousie, in Scythe and Sacrifice. Could it be that Fantasy is just as real as Anatomy?

Press extracts:
. . . with its breathtaking, physical expression Anatomy of Fantasy – the stuff of genius – was a highlight amongst highlights at this year's Dance Theatre Festival in Graz . . .
. . . dreams and fantasies, captivating live rhythms and grave/roguish dancers – avant-garde theatre of the highest quality that casts an irresistible, lingering spell as it inexorably draws you in . . .
avant-garde theatre of the highest quality
the stuff of genius – a highlight amongst highlights
captivating live rhythms and grave/roguish dancers
Kleine Zeitung, Graz/Austria
Elisabeth Willgruber-Spitz

DoTheatre production 2009. 

With the support of City Aachen and Stadt Teater Aachen.