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Founded in 1987 as an experimental physical and dance theatre company, DoTheatre is considered one of the most

influential group to have come out of post Communist Russia. The company pioneered a stile of extreme physical

theatre and created a dance language known as Russian Modernism which is brutal, demanding, yet infused

with poetic tension. Since the early 1990’s DoTheatre have both carved out unique place in European theatre

and continued to develop their own style

through international collaboration.

In present DoTheatre today is more

then 20 years of professional staging

in more then 30 counties around

the world. Triple Edinburgh Festival

First award winner (1999, 2001,2007),

nominated for:

Total Theatre Award (2001, 2003),

National “Golden Mask” Award 2008,

“no-ballet” international choreography

competition 2010.

The company currently based in

Aachen (Germany) and tour their work

to major dance and theatre festivals all over the world.